Recovery XR

Innovation At Its Finest

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Amazing Cryo Chamber

The safest and most technologically advanced cryo chamber on the market, providing the best return-on-investment

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Innovation In Safety

The Recovery XR-Cryo Chamber is the safest, most automated chamber, featuring
an array of on board safety sensors.

  • Instantaneous shut down if safety sensors are triggered
  • Dual Fingerprint Authorization: Approval by operator and client
  • Emergency Stop Button and Shut-off Valve: Stops nitrogen flow
  • Door proximity sensor triggers the valves to shut down when open
  • Thermal Imaging: Detects if client’s head is present and provides real-time skin temperature and thermal image
  • On-board Monitoring: Blood oxygen levels, pulse reader, client diagnostics, and body temperature
  • Package Includes: Robes, booties and gloves
Recovery XR

Designed For Everyone

Designed around the user, the Recovery XR fits everyone and manages all user and chamber data with the built-in Point of Sale. This allows the owner to be hands-off so they can focus on growing clientele volume.

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Innovation In Technology

Recovery XR
  • Built-in Point of Sale System: Prompts subscription renewal and upgrades
  • WiFi Connectivity: Allows for automatic software updates and live diagnostics
  • Proprietary Dispersion Technology: Provides evenly dispersed cooling
  • Digitally stored Health Waivers & Contraindications: Minimizes liability
  • Recurring Billing Option with Merchant Account: Drives more revenue

Studio 127, Pueblo, CO

Turn-Key Operation

Cryo Innovations takes pride in helping businesses achieve success even after your chamber arrives!

Our Business Is Your Growth

  • ELITE Social Media Consulting to maximize outreach within the community
  • Access to best practices to provide proven steps for success
  • Remote access allows owners to check sales volumes, session stats, and email marketing
  • Real-Time Diagnostics: Trouble tickets automatically trigger a call from our support staff
  • Automatic software updates puts the Recovery XR at the top of the competition

Financial Advantages

  • The lowest price for the safest unit on the market today
  • Equipment financing options available
  • Sell customizable ads on the monitor at head level to recoup nitrogen costs
  • Increase recurring monthly membership revenue by offering unlimited or package sessions

A Wide Target Market Provides A Huge Revenue Potential

Chiropractic offices, gyms, medical spas, physical therapy services, recovery centers, sports medicine offices, tanning salons, sports teams and stand-alone cryo spas all can enjoy the high margin profits of cryotherapy.

      • Market to Athletic Directors at local high schools and colleges to bring on entire teams
      • Physical therapists, doctors and hospitals can refer out patients
      • Businesses can refer employees as an incentive to increase their level of productivity